Baby Coming!


From the moment I found out I was expecting my first baby, I knew she was a girl. I could feel her with me. I knew that she would be very tender-hearted, but also feisty and independent. Now my little Kaylee is three years old and exactly how I knew she would be.

When she was two, I was about to have my second baby. I didn’t have that same feeling of knowing the baby like I did the first time. Kaylee was napping when my water broke. After cleaning myself up, I went to wake her up to take her to the sitter. When I opened her door, a flood of emotion that I can’t describe surged through me. As soon as she saw me, she said, “Baby, baby coming!” I know that they conversed that day only hours before little sister entered the world.

They still have such a close bond, stronger than I’ve seen siblings this age have before. I know that this is just a continuation of their relationship they had before coming to earth, and I am so blessed to be their mother.

By Heather