Changing Hearts and Lives


For over 20 years my husband and I have researched case studies regarding premortality from people of many walks of life and many religious affiliations. We call these cases Pre-Birth Experiences (PBEs). PBEs offer remarkable insight into the eternal questions, “Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?” We have recorded many of these intriguing case studies in my books:  Coming from the LightWe Lived in Heaven, Songs of the Morning Stars, and The Castaways.

Over the years, The Castaways is the book that receives the most memorable comments from its readers.  Just this week I had a phone call from a gentleman in Colorado.  His opening comment was, “You wrote a book that is the most remarkable book I have ever read.  It has changed my life and my view of abortion.”

“Oh, you mean The Castaways,” I commented.

“Yes,” he remarked. “I need to order more. I am sharing them with various groups in my community and they are finding the book as remarkable as I.”

Such is the ongoing research with the data we collect.  I am not teaching doctrine from any religious organization or denomination, I am merely sharing data that is collected and analyzed as various segments form patterns, just as a botonist collects data on new varieties of wild flowers.

The data in The Castaways will stretch your mind, but even if you do not agree with it, you can at least put the information in your “G-whiz” file for further contemplation.

As one might expect, our research has uncovered varying types of PBE—one illustrated in this book we have termed Pre-Mortal Memories (PMMs). In a PMM the experiencer recalls aspects of their existence prior to conception, with evidence supporting our lives as spirit beings before coming to earth.

We have felt the sacred in this work. Readers are reporting it teaches the sanctity of life:

1-with power to give hope and purpose that lifts above depression

2-with conviction that we each have a mission or missions in this life

3-with knowledge that we really come from and can return to God, who is our Father

4-that we chose or agreed to our parents, family, nation, race, opportunities and trials

5-that there are no accidents in the “big picture”

The data we have reported: prevented a discouraged physician from suicide; gave the gift of life to multiple souls who would have been aborted; led families to receive another child who desired to join them through birth—all wonderful fruits from our humble little books and the gracious contributors who share their life changing experiences therein.

It is our prayer that our newest book (soon to be published) A Home Far Away: Remembering our Life in Heaven will also bring wonderful fruits into your life.

With lots of love,
Sarah Hinze