Choosing to Remember


A couple of days ago, I received this question from a woman preparing to share her daughter’s story on our site:

When I discovered that my daughter had been aborted, it made sense to me why she is the way she is and the love I needed to show her. But I was thinking, why would her soul need healing if she was in heaven in Christ’s presence? Wouldn’t you think being in his presence would heal those wounds?

Her question was something I’ve wondered myself off and on, and I didn’t have a clear answer for her at the time. But her question led to lots of pondering and seeking. This morning, as I was discussing the question with my husband, speaking my thoughts out loud, I stopped to review what I had said, and then declared, “I think that’s true. I think that’s my answer.”

I have no proof that my “answer” is true. I have no evidence other than the truth-feeling I felt in my core when I considered the possibility. But for what it’s worth, here is the answer I came upon…

My understanding is that there is an area of the pre-Earth spirit realm where “re-assigned children” wait for their time to be be sent to a willing mother. Those who were unable to proceed into their earthly missions because their bodies were discarded through abortion are among these re-assigned children. This is not “reincarnation.” Sarah Hinze’s book Songs of the Morning Stars includes a near-death experience in which a woman was shown this part of heaven. She said: “In addition to an environment of unconditional love and safety, these rejected little souls are healed by hope as they are taught about the new family to which they are reassigned” (p. 108).

It is clear, however, from many of the accounts of those who remember being aborted that there is still some healing that may need to occur after the spirit has come to Earth. So we’re back to the original question… why wouldn’t they have been completely healed in heaven?

In many near-death experience accounts, we see that individuals are often given a choice of whether to return to their bodies or remain in heaven. I believe this emphasis on freedom of choice is a universal principle in God’s plan. As I pondered the aborted children waiting in heaven, the impression that came to me was that some of them are completely healed by Divine Love. But I felt impressed that it was all governed by choice. Some of those children choose to receive complete healing of their previous womb trauma. Their pain and sadness are completely swept away.

However, I believe the aborted are also given another option: to retain a portion of their memory of the experience and their pain upon returning to Earth. I feel that some of these children accept a mission to bring to light the reality of their existence and the truth about the trauma experienced by the aborted. They retain their “scars” just as Christ chose to retain His scars… as a testament to the world. They take up this bitter cup in order to share their truth so that future souls can perhaps be saved the anguish they have suffered.

When all of these impressions washed over me, I was in awe of these courageous souls. I began to weep as I looked down at my own daughter, recognizing the immense greatness of her soul, willing to carry such a painful burden so that others might know the truth. What strength! What love!

What an honor to have been chosen to be her mother!

This answer gives me peace.

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  1. Kathy wrote:

    Love this and it rings true! Perhaps she chose to have this memory because the Lord knew that her mother would actually do something about it to help others. Great job Mom!

    Another thought I had was that we are all so different and handle things differently. The exact same thing can happen to two people and one would react one way and another person another way. One thing that I have also wondered if the depth of bond the aborted one had with his/her previous mother might make a difference. Or even the circumstances with how they were aborted or conceived in the first place.