Endless Rows of Cradles

Several years ago, while visiting with a friend, we had a remarkable experience together. We had been talking of things close to our hearts when suddenly my friend became quiet. Then she said softly, “Cherie, there are angels present.”

I turned in the direction of her gaze and my heart jumped. There stood my son, Marshall, who had died in infancy. With him I also saw my children who had not yet been born. I knew instantly I had seen these children before. Then Marshall introduced me to a child I had not seen previously. This child, Joshua, begged to be part of our family. I agreed. Three times he asked to join our family and each time I agreed.

On the third request, begging entry into our family, he said something odd. He stated that he was “A Cast Off One.” I was not hallucinating. My friend also saw the experience up to this point.

As I puzzled over the meaning of “Cast Off One,” a path opened before me leading to a field filled with white cradles. The Lord Jesus Christ stood in their midst. In the cradles were babies, endless rows of babies.

The Lord turned to me and said, “These are the Cast Off Ones. Their blood cries to me from the earth.” Instantly I knew His meaning. These multitudes were aborted babies! . . .

I learned that Willing Mothers are among the most honored beings in heaven. Mothers who wanted but could not have children, mothers who have children and desire more, mothers too old to have more but whose hearts still desire them–such Willing Mothers will be blessed to bear and raise babies at some future time.

That scene closed, returning to the former. The young boy was again before me. A fourth time he stated, “I am a Cast Off One. I beg entry into your family.” With humble sincerity I promised the young boy I would be his mother. . . . It was then that he announced “My name is Joshua. I am the last. I bring with me an extension of your life.”

Compiled by Sarah Hinze