How We Met


I became aware of Sarah Hinze  in March of 2010. At the time I was in the process of writing my book, The Gift of Giving Life, with several co-authors. One day I stumbled upon Sarah’s website and felt inspired to make contact with her. We exchanged a few emails, but we were both so busy that we didn’t do much more than become facebook friends. I was hoping to include more about pre-birth encounters in our book, but we were lucky to include just a few stories.

Even still, some part of me was so drawn to Sarah, and I felt our paths would cross again in the future. And they did.

Three years after I first discovered Sarah (in March of 2013), I learned that she would be speaking at the AZ Holistic Living Conference. I felt deep in my soul that I needed to be at that conference, in part because I really wanted to hear Sarah speak.

In perusing the conference website, I learned they were holding a contest to win three free tickets by writing about a profound holistic healing experience. It was past my bedtime when I made this discovery, but something drove me to quickly send a submission that very moment. And then I waited.

I had a feeling I was going to win. Not sure why, but I just knew I needed to be at the conference and assumed those free tickets were going to get me there.

Meanwhile, Sarah had seen me sharing photos and posts and events relating to our book, The Gift of Giving Life. She felt drawn to the book and decided she would attend a book discussion party I was planning to hold a couple of weeks after the conference. I was ecstatic when I saw her “yes” RSVP for the event.

In the week before the conference, I finished reading Sarah’s early book, Coming From the Light. Again I felt driven to write. I wrote about Sarah, her research, her book, and my own pre-birth encounters with my children. Then I sent a link to Sarah. I was ecstatic again when she not only read it but responded, thanked me for my story, and shared the post with her facebook friends.

A few days later, I received notice that I had won the free conference tickets. I was thrilled (though not surprised).

And again I felt I should write about a dream in which I had seen many aborted unborn spirits and felt called to “rescue” them. When Sarah read this blogpost, she wrote a lovely comment, gave me her phone number in a private message, and said, “Call me.” We spoke later that night and shared our mutual impressions that we had a work to do together.

A few days later, when I walked into the conference room where Sarah would be presenting, we saw each other, she said, “Now there’s someone I think I know,” and immediately we embraced like old friends. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we really are old friends (born a few decades apart) just finally finding each other. We exchanged signed books (The Gift of Giving Life and The Memory Catcher), and then talked for at least an hour after the conference was over. Within just a day or two our partnership was official.

I feel so certain that God brought the two of us together and that I have much to learn from this noble spirit named Sarah. I think I’ve loved her forever.


By Lani Axman

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