Remembering Birth


Roy can remember coming to Earth, being in his mother’s womb, and being born. Here is a portion of his story:

I turned forward and saw we were racing through the cosmos at great speed. Our pace slowed as our planet appeared below, just like pictures taken by astronauts–breathtaking and beautiful.

We descended to North America, the state of Georgia, until I stood about two hundred feet above my earth home. I recognized it. We entered the weathered farmhouse, not by the door, but through the front wall.

About a dozen people were visiting, enjoying each other’s company. I identified aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and above all, Mother. Her voice was just as the lady angel had taught me. She could not see me as I looked deep into her eyes, feeling great love for her. My angel escort encouraged me to move around the room to better acquaint myself with my earth family. He cautioned me to be quiet, stating they could not see us but might hear us. After I circled the room, he asked, “Ready?”


He surprised me with a push and–I was inside my mother.

Those were happy days for me, when Mother and I were one. I could think her thoughts and feel her feelings. I could not initiate contact with heaven, but for a time I was part of both worlds, as my lady angel spoke with me from time to time. Our contacts became less frequent and shorter–a weaning process of several months. I was warm, safe and contented with Mother.

Then one day I turned over, bottom side up. I didn’t like it at all. I was in this uncomfortable position for two or three days…. Then not only was I upside down, I was sliding downward. My spirit self slipped outside my body and I found myself standing next to the very tall angel who brought me to earth, looking at Mother.

He spoke words of comfort, softer and kinder than I remembered before. “Don’t worry. Everything is proceeding smoothly. You have experienced the womb, and now you are about to experience birth. Have courage. Return to your mother with confidence.” He gave me his famous push and I was inside Mother again.

I was happy to be back with Mother–but why did I have to be upside down? And why the sliding? What’s that all about? I hoped I would stop when my head hit bottom.

But I didn’t. I just kept sliding until the warmth was gone and I was enveloped in a new, unpleasant sensation–cold!

Voices were loud around me. The noise was alarming. The doctor hit my bottom and in shock I gasped, taking my first breath of air to another sensation–pain. My lungs ballooned with a crackle-pop sound, and each additional breath was searing.

Gradually I adjusted to breathing, only to be accosted by a washcloth that felt like sandpaper on my tender skin.

At last I was cleaned, blanketed and placed in Mother’s arms, but indeed wary of this strange new world into which I was so abruptly thrust.

It may seem odd that I remember so much about birth, but as I understand it, the spirit that enters our fetal body is intelligent, trained for this moment in heaven for eons. In the womb and in infancy I kept a foot in both existences–heaven and earth. I understood both languages.

Compiled by Sarah and Brent Hinze