Take His Place

 Julian Cantu

I had always known that I had a memory before I was born. I wasn’t until yesterday that I found that it was called a pre-birth experience. I had always thought I was alone and I was surprised to see others had some similar to mine. However mine is slightly different than the rest that I have read because I took someone’s place. Here is my story:

I am waiting in line; a line that I don’t know where it leads to. There is a small curly red headed little boy in front of me with one of his shoe laces untied. I now know that he was special needs. He is next to go wherever we are going. I know there are others behind me, but I never look back to see them. The boy chuckles and points in the air. “There’s a butterfly!” he says. I look but see nothing but a white haze surrounding us. The boy takes off after the butterfly he saw. Something is happening that I can’t explain, but I know it is the little boy’s time to go. He is next, what do I do? I think to myself.

“Take his place,” says a man sitting on a wrought iron bench that wasn’t there before. He is wearing a navy blue suit with a crisp white shirt and shiny dress shoes. The blue suit is so dark that it is almost black. A fedora sitting next to him is the same color He has one of his legs propped up on his other knee and he is looking at me over a newspaper.

“Take his place,” the man repeats but his mouth never moves. He is talking in my head.

“I’m scared.” I say. The man smiles while folding up his newspaper and places it on the seat next to him and focuses all of his attention on me.

“You have nothing to be worried about. Your parents will love you, and you will have a good life. There is nothing to worry about.”

“But what about the little boy? Where will he go?”

“He will find parents that will love him too. But I know for a fact that this mother wants a baby very much and will love you more than anything. So go on and take his place,” the man says. I nod and step forward leaving the place behind.

I am named Mandy Jillian. The man didn’t lie. I have a family that loves me, and I am happy. I was around three years old when I told my mom about the man, but she put it off as a dream that I had. A few days later we were going through a photo album and my mom told me about the people in the photos. She turned the page, and I jumped up.

“That’s the man mama!” I said pointing to a photograph.

“What man?” said my mom who was now looking at me.

“The man that sent me down to you and daddy. Look there he is!” My mom looked down and gasped. Tears started to fill her eyes. I ran to her and wiped the tears off her cheek.

“What’s wrong mommy?” I asked worried.

“Mandy are you sure that is the man you saw?” mom asked me fighting more tears.

“Yes! He was dressed in blue and told me you would love me more than anything!” My mom grabbed me and hugged me while she cried. I was scared something was wrong so she backed away.

“Mandy, you were named after this man,” my mom said while running her finger over the photo. “His name was Julian and he was my daddy. He died before you were born. I wish he could have met you.”

“But he did meet me mommy! He knew you would make a good mommy and how badly you wanted a baby,” I said, comforting her.

My grandfather died March 3, 1989, and I was born December 4, 1989. The dark suit with a white shirt that I saw him in was something he always wore while he was alive.

To this day it seems that my grandfather surrounds me. His birthday was September 28 and I have a dog born with the same birthdate. On March 3, 2004 my other dog died in the afternoon. A few months later I got a new puppy. She was born the morning of March 3, 2004. I don’t think it was a coincidence. My mom was not supposed to have children. She had a less than 20% chance of conceiving and carrying to term. I believe my grandfather made sure she had a child and now looks out for both of us.

By Mandy Jillian

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  1. Shannon wrote:

    That is so neat Mandy! I’m so glad you’ve found others who believe in a pre-earth experienes :-)